2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend

2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend

Outdoor restaurant furniture, as a kind of home that has a beautifying home atmosphere and leads the fashion life and has the potential for development, should not be simply understood as furniture placed outdoors. In addition to its powerful functions to adapt to harsh outdoor conditions, it also gives people Life brings a casual, free and comfortable atmosphere.

2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend

Outdoor furniture (also known as garden furniture), as a manifestation of a high-quality lifestyle, occupies a growing proportion in the furniture industry. In Cologne, Germany, Paris, France, and Milan, Italy, a professional outdoor restaurant furniture exhibition is held every year, showing outdoor restaurant furniture and outdoor products from various countries and regions.

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, garden furniture, which reflects the lifestyle of European and American countries, has been accepted by more people. Under the pressure of fast-paced urban work and life, the lifestyle that people are close to nature, enjoy leisure, and “slow rhythm” has gradually become a fashion. 2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend!

As a result, the boundaries of the outdoor dining room furniture are gradually blurred and begin to enter the room from the outdoors. Art, personalized and functional furniture products are becoming an important component of the pastoral, landscape and interior, and are also essential tools for open or semi-open spaces.

As a new fashion in furniture products, the outdoor restaurant embodies the pursuit of leisure, relaxation and closeness to nature, and is gradually entering the homes of ordinary people.

Pay more attention to high-quality life situation experience

With the advent of the global experience economy, outdoor restaurant furniture and supplies have fully met the demand for high-quality outdoor “slow life experience” for leisure and relaxation, and this has become the common value pursuit of major manufacturers.

Comfort, casualness, security, relaxation, fun, and entertainment have become the core of the “slow life experience” design, which conveys emotional care through product experience and situational experience, and creates affinity between outdoor furniture and users.

Privacy and openness compatibility

Restaurant furniture In view of the use of outdoor furniture in relatively open spaces, space conversion is used to meet the functional and psychological needs of users. In 2019, this function will continue to become the most important selling point of furniture.

Pay more attention to the functional display of outdoor restaurant furniture

Because outdoor life is limited by various conditions, outdoor restaurant furniture that is easy to store, easy to fold, modular, lightweight, mobile, multi-functional, and combinable will become a big selling point and is more popular in the market.

Soft cushions and pillows will become independent elements

As an important element in making outdoor restaurant furniture various, rich and easy to use, the use of soft cushions and pillows can not be underestimated. The trend of world outdoor restaurant furniture in 2019, they are an important part of outdoor furniture, and will become a relatively independent product system in the entire outdoor furniture system to highlight the affinity and casual outdoor lifestyle.

Product form design is more natural and simple

The outdoor restaurant form is still simple and fashionable, reflecting the natural taste. The product design is abstracted in terms of the shape and color of natural organic organisms or other natural objects;

In the modern people’s aesthetic psychology, using the symbolic, metaphorical and other methods of product form design to reflect the new spirit of the times, the product has injected a strong vitality.

2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend

Therefore, the design of products based on biological forms in nature will become more popular, and at the same time add life to people, and bring different enjoyment and experience to leisure life in addition to intense work.

More concerned about the durability, lightfastness and easy cleaning of materials

Outdoor furniture that is breathable and easy to clean is still favored by the market. The outdoor furniture industry still uses plastic, metal, teak, daffodil, teslin, vine, iron, plastic rattan, stainless steel and aluminum alloy as the main materials.

It is worth noting that the “ribbon” has become a new material widely used by major brand companies and has become the “new darling” of materials. The use of outdoor furniture materials is becoming lighter and more mixed, and the steel-wood structure and steel-plastic structure make the furniture material expression more dynamic.

From furniture to space extension

The acceleration of China’s domestic urbanization process and the transformation of various large-scale construction projects into landscape and functional types, the public leisure places and major high-end residential areas and villa group projects with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body have started.

2019 world outdoor restaurant furniture trend! A large number of hotels, gymnasiums, office buildings, shops, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, cafes, teahouses, high-end leisure and entertainment venues, private residences, leisure places for enterprises and institutions, and other outdoor furniture and supplies. The strong demand creates a wide range of outdoor leisure sports spaces.

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like?

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like?

I choose for you: restaurant furniture. No matter what restaurant is the space for a family to eat, it is also the place where family members are most often aggregated.

Here are the restaurant furniture authors to introduce you to three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like?

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like?

Restaurant Furniture–Qumu Restaurant Table and Chair

This curved wood dining table and chair is simple in style and simple in shape. It is designed to be connected at the foot of the table and designed inward. It is suitable for afternoon tea or coffee house, harmoniously matched with wooden floor, creating a warm and relaxing environment. Quite a little petty charm.

Restaurant furniture–bar dining table and chairs

This product portfolio is a custom-designed lounge coffee table and lounge chair, a round chair with orange and blue, plus a round glass coffee table, but also for business negotiation, or as a cafe table and chair, or Bar tables and chairs are also not bad.

Restaurant furniture–tea restaurant tables and chairs

This restaurant table and chairs, as an afternoon tea restaurant table and chair, wrought iron and logs design make it a strong natural atmosphere. There is another layer below the table, which can store books, items, etc., so its functionality is also relatively strong.

No matter what restaurant is the space for the family to eat, it is also the most common place for family members to enjoy. The comfortable dining environment is better for individual restaurants.

However, due to some lack of space, many people connect the restaurant to the kitchen, and the glass is used to separate the dining cabinet from the hanging cabinet. This is also a good creative solution.

The table table is mainly divided into two types: a rectangular table and a round table. The rectangular table includes a square table, a rectangular table, a polygonal table, and the like, and the round table includes a round table and an elliptical table.

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like? In order to support the desktop structure, there are mainly single column, support type, double piece support type, and four foot support type.

The dining chair generally does not have a handrail, so that there will be a leisurely feeling when dining. As the restaurant furniture, I recommend that you use a dining chair with armrests for a more formal occasion or when you show the main seat to show a serious atmosphere or to make people feel more comfortable.

The height of the dining chair is very elegant, generally should be kept between 420-450mm, and the height difference between the chair and the table should be kept between 280-320mm. In addition, the front width of the chair should be no less than 380mm, the seat depth should be between 340-420mm, and the total height of the seat back should be between 850-1000mm.

The method of dining cabinets is mainly composed of two single-unit combination schemes. The upper end is made of glass-transparent door structure to show the beautiful appearance of tableware and drinking utensils. The depth is generally between 260-350mm. The lower end is a low cabinet, which is slightly deeper than the upper end, and is preferably 400-450mm. There is no certain standard for the height and width of the cabinet, as long as it is in harmony with the overall space share.

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like?

There are also compartments, low cabinets and wall cabinets, which are all planned according to the special needs of the space division. The standards are basically determined by the above criteria.

 The planning of the dining cabinet should be exquisite and delicate, and the functions should be reasonably decent. The upper glass door should be made of 8mm thick glass shelf and the concentrating quartz downlight should be set at the corresponding position of the top plate.

Three outdoor restaurant furniture, which one do you like? In this way, after the perfect cooperation between the exterior lights and the materials, a scene with a hot atmosphere and full of emotion will be displayed. There is no certain standard for the height and width of the dining cabinet, which is mainly in harmony with the proportion of the entire space.

2019 Guangzhou Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Franchise and Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition

2019 Guangzhou Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Franchise and Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition

Guangzhou, May 18th, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — “2019 Guangzhou Catering Restaurant Furniture Franchise and Dining Space Exhibition” co-sponsored by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. And China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Committee It will be held from June 14th to June 17th at Guangzhou-Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center.

2019 Guangzhou Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Franchise and Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition

The four-day catering chain franchise and catering space annual festival combines restaurant furniture, lighting, building materials and other ingredients with ingredients, restaurant environment and soft-pack design to showcase fashion, or is interested in catering industry. Creative dining space concept.

At the same time, the exhibition will provide a one-stop service platform for professional visitors to choose restaurant chain investment, brand planning, store space design and restaurant furniture procurement.

With the rapid development of the catering industry, more and more investors are choosing to join the catering industry to become rich. As a professional catering and entrepreneurial investment platform, Guangzhou Restaurant Franchise Exhibition has become the first choice for many well-known enterprises to promote their brands and seize the market. Some well-known enterprises include Baiyue, Niu Zhuangyuan, Gongcha, Royal Chicken Steak, Grilled Shang Palace, and Sa delicious. , Mai Shanghuang, Huangcha Yu Point, Jiuyang Soy Milk, Speed ​​Drink Station, seafood meet above, barbecued pork cake and so on.

Especially worth mentioning, this year’s exhibition invited many well-known brands to come to the exhibition, such as Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, Cats Coffee, Tao Taoju, Luyin Pavilion, Real Kungfu, Dacas, Xuliushan, Gangdong Road, at the scene Will be able to meet these big names unexpectedly.

Outdoor products are in great demand!

Nowadays, cafes and casual restaurants are becoming more and more popular. The demand for environment for young people and the demand for outdoor restaurant furniture are getting higher and higher. Outdoor restaurant furniture is not only limited to villa courtyards, but also can be used for cafes and casual restaurants. Durable outdoor dining room furniture, sunshade, flower box, and wood flooring are standard accessories for outdoor restaurants.

2019 Guangzhou Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Franchise and Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition

In particular, the exhibition added an innovative element–the theme exhibition of “Catering franchise and catering space”, in order to provide a professional service platform for the catering chain brand investment, brand planning, store space design and restaurant furniture procurement. This platform has opened up the upstream and downstream demand industry chain.

From foodstuffs, food, restaurant chain agencies to design and decoration companies, furniture, lighting companies and other peripheral supporting enterprises, the problem of industrial supply chain has been solved well, starting from the source restaurant chain, to the middle of the entrepreneurship, joining, decoration, and finally To the furniture factory, you can get one-stop shopping and service.

Many top brands at home and abroad have joined hands to showcase the high-end customized restaurant furniture, fabric soft decoration, and the concept of real-life restoration, helping exhibitors to discover new business value, establish brand design concepts and open up the most potential emerging markets.

How to buy outdoor restaurant furniture sets?

How to buy outdoor restaurant furniture sets?

Outdoor restaurant furniture is mainly used for leisure and entertainment places such as parks, commercial plazas, villas, communities, and tourist attractions.

How to buy outdoor restaurant furniture sets?

How to buy outdoor restaurant furniture:

  1. Buy wooden outdoor dining room furniture – wooden dining tables and chairs are best to use wood with higher oil content. Most woods generally use fir and pine, teak, etc.; while the splicing furniture has the natural beauty of the pastoral and structural beauty, but It takes a good job.
  2. Optional metal material outdoor restaurant furniture should choose aluminum or painted and waterproof treated alloy material; if you choose bamboo rattan outdoor restaurant furniture, it is best to decide on the specific use occasion.
  3. Foldable outdoor dining room furniture is more flexible and does not take up space. Whether it’s wood or wrought iron, the furniture can be easily folded through the connectors, which makes it easy to store in Beijing when the weather conditions are not good. If you want to travel, you can easily take it away.
  4. In addition, rattan, plastic, aluminum alloy, and inflatable outdoor furniture are light in quality and meet the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-mite, rain-proof, etc., and are easy to move and very delicate in shape.
How to buy outdoor restaurant furniture sets?

It is clear and easy to purchase the brand of outdoor restaurant furniture according to the above four methods.

HOUE is a Danish design company. The company’s establishment stems from the enthusiasm for economic luxury goods and the desire to absorb Danish gifted design talents to help design. HOUE’s innovative and innovative design blends seamlessly with many attractive elements.

Today, HOUE offers a range of outdoor and indoor products, all of which consistently meet the high standards of design, affordability and quality.

For HOUE, the chair or dining table not only requires aesthetics. The best comfort is the most important element of our furniture production. In order to achieve these goals, we insist on investing a lot of energy in the product development process to achieve the highest standards of comfort and craftsmanship.

All products are produced in a factory with mature production conditions and long-term cooperation. Our products are not random mass production – all the small parts in each piece of furniture are carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of the product. In addition, in order to ensure the final quality of all products, the integration points or curves of each product are carefully designed and developed by high-quality product developers in the enterprise.