How should restaurant furniture be decorated?

How should restaurant furniture be decorated?

The furnishings of the restaurant must be both beautiful and practical, and they are not credible and can be piled up at will. All kinds of decorative items vary depending on the dining environment. How should restaurant furniture be decorated? Listen to me in detail.

The decoration of the restaurant set in the kitchen should be in harmony with the facilities in the kitchen; the decoration of the restaurant set in the living room should be consistent with the function and style of the living room. If the restaurant is independent, it can be based on the whole room. The layout is designed to be more romantic and romantic.

Relatively speaking, when decorating a stand-alone restaurant, it is more free. Specifically, the soft decoration in the restaurant, such as tablecloths, napkins and curtains, should use thinner chemical fiber materials. Because of the thick cotton-woven fabric, it is easy to absorb the smell of food and is not easy to disperse, which is not conducive to the sanitation of the restaurant. ;

I believe that flowers can play a role in regulating psychology and beautifying the environment, but avoiding the use of flowers and greens, making people irritated and affecting appetite. For example, in the next dinner with dim lighting, if you use red, blue, tight and other dark vases, it will feel steady. The same flowers, if you use the luncheon, will be enthusiastic.

Light colors such as white and pink are used for dinners, which are bright and dazzling. The form of the bottle flower and the dining table should also be harmonious. The rectangular dining table and the arrangement of the bottle flower should form a triangle, while the round dining table and the bottle flower are inserted to form a circle.

How should restaurant furniture be decorated? You should note that the restaurant is mainly for tasting food, so you can’t use the variety of the fragrance, so as not to interfere with the taste of the food. The space of the restaurant should also be in the form of vertical greening. In the vertical space, green plants are dotted with hanging or hanging carbon.

How should restaurant furniture be decorated?

The shape of the lamp should not be too cumbersome. It is convenient and practical to use the upper and lower moving lamps. Z can sometimes use the illuminating holes. Through the soft light, it not only defines the space, but also obtains an intimate light feeling.

In the hidden corner, it is best to arrange a speaker. When eating, play a soft and beautiful background music in time. It is medically believed to promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the human body, promote the peristalsis of the stomach, and facilitate the digestion of food.

How should restaurant furniture be decorated? Other soft decorations, such as calligraphy and painting, porcelain plates, wall hangings, etc., can be arranged flexibly according to the specific conditions of the restaurant to embellish the environment, but be careful not to be overwhelmed, so as to avoid the restaurant appearing chaotic.

With the decoration of the restaurant furniture, you can easily decorate the outdoor restaurant furniture and create an outdoor restaurant. Of course, it is not just an outdoor restaurant. I have learned to decorate my small restaurant. I feel that my restaurant is very good. My friends say it is very good. !

What is solid wood furniture? Seller’s buyer’s dispute…

What is solid wood furniture? Seller's buyer's dispute...

Channel: Recently, Mr. Zhang Lao and his wife from Lishui City came to Lishui City Liandu District Consumer Protection Committee to complain that this year, the new house was renovated, and a number of furniture were ordered from a brand-name furniture store in Liandu District. After selecting the shape and specifications of the furniture on site, the old man considered the environmental protection problem and proposed to use the solid wood material to customize the furniture. Therefore, both parties clearly stated on the order form that the furniture materials were solid wood veneer, and Mr. Zhang Lao was on the spot. The furniture worth 80,000 yuan paid a prepayment of 30,000 yuan. What is solid wood furniture? Let’s take a look at the seller’s buyer’s dispute…

What is solid wood furniture? Seller's buyer's dispute...

In a few days, the furniture store sent the customized furniture to the Zhangjia installation. During the inspection, Mr. Zhang found that the materials used in the custom furniture were made of multi-layer solid wood sheets, which was not the self. The solid wood material required to be used is considered to be deceptive in the furniture store, refuse to accept the goods to pay the remaining payment, request the return and re-customize the furniture with the real wood or the log.

And the furniture store thinks, what is solid wood furniture? According to the current furniture industry routine, the materials used in solid wood veneer furniture are solid wood multi-layer boards. It may be understood by the old man that the solid wood floor is made of logs directly, and misunderstood the custom furniture solid wood veneer materials. If it is the original wood quality furniture, it generally does not need surface skinning, but directly polish and paint, think that it has not deceived the sale, and ask Mr. Zhang to fulfill the agreed receipt and pay the remaining payment. Due to the dispute between the two parties, the renovation could not be completed in time, so Mr. Zhang asked the Liandu District Consumer Protection Committee to help mediate.

After accepting this complaint, the Consumer Protection Committee organized the parties to mediate. The consumer protection staff believes that the essence of the dispute is caused by different understandings of “solid wood”. From the perspective of Mr. Zhang Lao, he thinks that “solid wood” is actually the raw wood that has not been subjected to any physical chemical processing, and the furniture. The “solid wood” mentioned by the specialty store is actually the abbreviation of solid wood multi-plate. As the furniture store as a custom seller, has a certain amount of professional knowledge, there is an obligation to explain the basic definition of “solid wood” material to the consumer, although the solid wood skin material has been indicated on the order form, but the solid wood is not indicated More than a board, led Mr. Zhang to misunderstand the furniture that does not meet the requirements of the log. After the coordination of the Consumer Protection Committee, the two parties reached an agreement on the treatment: the furniture store had not fully fulfilled the obligation to inform the information, and the custom furniture was 8,000 yuan, and Mr. Zhang accepted the custom furniture.

What is solid wood furniture? Seller's buyer's dispute...

What is solid wood furniture?? At present, the furniture industry is collectively referred to as solid wood furniture for wood furniture, comprehensive wood furniture, and solid wood furniture. Wood furniture refers to furniture except for decorative parts and accessories in the main components, and the rest is made of wood materials such as wood and wood-based panels. The comprehensive wood furniture refers to the furniture made of a mixture of solid materials, wood-based panels and other materials. Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board and coated with surface treatment; or finished with solid wood veneer or veneer (wood veneer) on such substrate Furniture. Solid wood board refers to the solid wood material formed by secondary processing of wood such as joint material and laminated timber.
The restaurant furniture that is very popular nowadays is made of solid wood. Many commercial restaurant furniture and outdoor restaurant furniture are made of solid wood materials, such as some food and beverage stores and beverage shops.

[News and Decoration] Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture?

[News and Decoration] Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture?

Many people ask, Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture? Perhaps the most troublesome thing for everyone who plays wood is the cracking of the wood. However, cracking of wood is a normal phenomenon. It is not normal to prevent it from cracking. “It doesn’t break, it is not called solid wood.” And all of our methods are changing the normal phenomenon. When you understand this, you will feel calm and a lot when you encounter cracked solid wood dining room furniture.

[News and Decoration] Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture?

Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture?? In fact, wood generally has a moisture content of about 8% to 12% or less. The temperature and humidity in different places are different, and the humidity of the air is the key to determining the moisture content of the wood. For example, the annual average moisture content of wood in Beijing is 11.4%, 16% in Shanghai, and Wenzhou and Haikou are even higher, reaching 17.3%. When wood comes into contact with air, it absorbs moisture from the air.

In order to balance the moisture content of the commercial restaurant furniture with the moisture content in the air, the dry air continuously absorbs moisture from the furniture, thereby balancing both sides. In the process, it will naturally crack.

The wood that does not crack does not exist, even the cement steel will deform and shrink. What’s more, it is normal for wood to be cracked by vitality, not the quality of furniture. Many newcomers encounter cracking and business theory, saying that it is awkward, quality problems… In fact, wind cracking is a natural wood release process, playing wood is the realization of wood cracking. In general, the main reason is that due to the climate relationship, the temperature and humidity of the home are different, which leads to the change of wood moisture content, so there will be cracking deformation and other reasons.

[News and Decoration] Is cracking of wood a problem with outdoor restaurant furniture?

▼ Some people say that raising flowers at home, raising fish, putting a humidifier to control humidity can avoid outdoor restaurant furniture
There is a wind crack, and some people put the restaurant furniture away from the heating, which makes sense.

▼ Another craftsman said that the cracking of the wood is the natural state of survival of the material. Don’t worry, you can ignore it. After it has gone through the baptism of the years, you can see the charm of the material itself.

Here are a few ways to prevent cracking in outdoor restaurant furniture:

1,When cleaning the solid wood dining room furniture, use a rag to wipe the water, so that it can not only make the water moisturizing, but also make the furniture damp.

2, try to avoid the wood furniture restaurant is too humid or too dry environment, especially to avoid direct sunlight exposure, if it is used in northern furniture, then winter should pay attention to the heating can not be directly close to the solid wood dining room furniture.

3, use a period of time recommended to clean up once a month.