Commercial restaurant supplies – dining table and chair selection for the catering industry

Commercial restaurant supplies - dining table and chair selection for the catering industry

With the improvement of the quality of life, the choice of dining tables and chairs in the catering industry also showed a diversified trend.

With the demand of young people in pursuit of fashion personality, more and more catering industry began to purchase different styles of restaurant furniture to attract customers.

In 2019, Xin Ningju leisure restaurant furniture launched several commercial restaurant furniture-dining chairs for the stylish and unique restaurant.

Commercial restaurant supplies - dining table and chair selection for the catering industry

Dining room furniture – simple line chair

The unique line shape brings a rare design beauty, the seat surface and backrest of the colored tendon vines, and the more comfortable the whole texture.

There are six safety non-slip feet on the bottom of each line chair. The non-slip feet are made in Germany and are produced nationwide.

From the overall point of view, the simple lines and colorful matching of the dining table and chairs are more in line with the pursuit of fashion for young people.

It can be stacked when not in use, which meets the space-saving requirements of the catering industry.

Dining Room Furniture – Teslin Folding Table and Chair

Colorful and multi-color, Taiwan imported Teslin cloth, waterproof and breathable, strong elasticity, anti-ultraviolet, a variety of colors, strong sun resistance, wind and sun are no problem, aluminum frame anti-static spray outdoor plastic powder, no Will rust and not easily fall off the paint.

The finishing touch of this dining chair is that the folded part of the chair is designed with a non-slip buckle. It is a German original industrial design, which avoids the problems of instability and rollover of the traditional folding chair.

Commercial restaurant supplies - dining table and chair selection for the catering industry

The dinette can be folded, and the chair can be folded to occupy no space, and only needs 20 cm thickness to close the corner.

Dining room furniture – aluminum casual dining chair

This dining table and chair is very light and convenient for mobile storage. It is the original product that Xinningju exported to Europe in 2016. The seat surface is made of German stamping technology. The surface is frosted and has a texture, and the buttocks will not slip.

Anti-static paint, 10 years old, only for you to present such a beautiful curved line design, whether it looks very thin, worry not thick enough, in fact, the thin belt, thick double-legged legs, strong and strong protection.

2019 Hotel Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition Opens “Global Tour”

2019 Hotel Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition Opens "Global Tour"

Shanghai May 9th, 2019 – May 25-27, 2019, will be opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition brings together high-end environmentally-friendly materials, advanced restaurant furniture, and the concept of frontier space. It is designed for hotels, Restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings and other commercial spaces provide a one-stop sourcing platform for products, services and solutions.

2019 Hotel Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition Opens "Global Tour"

With an exhibition area of ​​210,000 square meters and the strong strength of 3,000 exhibitors, the exhibition is called the annual event of the hotel industry and design industry, attracting the attention of people in the global restaurant furniture industry. In April 2018, it received nearly 180,000 professional visitors from 106 countries and regions around the world. It is a veritable global super hotel industry aircraft-level exhibition.

In 2019, the exhibition was upgraded again, and the new international division was divided into three major exhibition areas: hotel supplies and hotel restaurant furniture exhibition area, hotel architectural decoration engineering design and lighting intelligent exhibition area, clean / empty net / property / self-help / smart retail / franchise exhibition area, Bring more accurate and convenient browsing experience to the audience.

The hotel engineering restaurant and commercial space design section in Hall W1-W2, for high-quality hotel engineering furniture, commercial public dining room furniture, mattresses, outdoor dining room furniture, space furnishings and other exhibits, for hotels, construction companies, real estate Developers, hotel management groups, soft-packing companies, chain catering and other professional procurement platforms.

Three highlights: 3000+ home brand one stop network

Highlight 1: A wide range of products, well-known brands in the restaurant furniture industry

As a commercial space professional exhibition, the 2019 exhibition site will still provide a full-class furniture procurement platform.

The overall home restaurant furniture brand has cooperated with domestic high-end star hotels, such as Germani, Mingyao, Abeila, Jiashun, Yijia, Qirui, Deshibang, Fengshuo, Silka, Artelore, and Carving. Guanyi, Zhaohui, Jinshitong, Mingqing Home, Taiyu, Xiangyu, etc., Asiades from the Netherlands, will also be on the scene, providing new solutions for future design patterns; domestic well-known outdoor furniture brand Weipu Sis, Dijia Garden, Baihao, Haoyuan, Linya, Xinningju, Manor, etc. will also be on display at the scene of the latest leisure tables and chairs, bar tables and chairs, soft chairs and outdoor furniture.

2019 Hotel Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition Opens "Global Tour"

What attracts the attention of the industry is that since the beginning of last year, the exhibition has assembled mattress brands that global star hotels are vying for, Jin Keer, Silk, Simmons, Shuda, Yalan, Dream Lily, Mousse, Xilinmen, Good night, Slim Bailan, Zhihua Shi·5 star mattress, VELDA Wenda, Langlefu, Suibao, Gujia mattress, Suibao, Dongbao, Jia Niman, Shen Bao, Xinzhi, Suilong, Bai The collective appearance of big-name mattresses such as Saint, ZEO DR, JLH MATTRESS, Philip, Senbao, John Mucci, and Bisheng became the fists of Shanghai Hotel Engineering Restaurant Furniture and Commercial Space Design Exhibition. It is reported that these brands will continue to debut in the 2019 exhibition, bringing you a dreamy sleep experience.

It is worth mentioning that the soft-installed engineering section of the exhibition covers a variety of high-tech and well-known soft-installed engineering materials: engineering curtains, curtain electric trajectories, marble, ecological coatings, wall coverings, functional decorative panels, leather soft bags, etc. It has assembled well-known brands including Ai is wall covering, Xiuyi engineering curtains, Weiyang stone, WOCA coating, Yinhua leather, etc., as well as Bingshen intelligent technology applied to curtain electric track, specializing in the production of anti-mildew antibacterial negative ion plate, B1 High-tech exhibitors such as fire-retardant panels and WBP waterproof panels, these brands are also soft-packing suppliers for many high-end boutique hotels.

Highlight 2: High quality, the common choice of global star hotels

As a design indicator for the hotel industry, the quality of the exhibitors at the hotel restaurant furniture exhibition is also trustworthy. Each exhibitor has a case of providing furniture or decorative materials to star-rated hotels at home and abroad. For example, Jin Keer provides the InterContinental Shanghai Shimao Intercontinental Hotel Comfortable mattresses; Ebella’s tables and chairs appear in the net red bookstore Suzhou Rainbow Clock Bookstore; Lai Xin is the teak furniture supplier of Shanghai Yangyun Anzhen; the metal furniture products of Yujia make Shanghai Baolijia more prominent Luxury and luxury…

2019 Hotel Commercial Restaurant Furniture Exhibition Opens "Global Tour"

I have to say that, here, without too much effort, the organizers have screened the common choice of many star-rated hotels.

Highlight 3: Diverse styles to meet the individual needs of commercial space

The world is colorful. Every country and even different regions have their own distinctive styles. Of course, as a city card or a cultural image, all kinds of hotels are not limited. Different styles of exhibits from home and abroad, whether Nordic, modern, classical or new Chinese, will present a visual feast of multiculturalism and coexistence.